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How to cook excellent Pancake at Home
1 Cup Eggs ‘n Things Buttermilk Pancake Mix 3/4 cup water
1: STIR WATER INTO FLOUR [Sift flour into a bowl. Stir in water]
Point: Do not over mix. Lease a little bit of lump in the batter. This helps make pancake fluffy!
2: LET THE BATTER SIT [Wait 5 to 10 minutes before starting to cook]
Point: The batter will rise as the water and pancake mix blend. Give the batter some time to absorb more liquid.
3: TURN ON THE STOVE [Preheat your frying pan]
Point: A key point to making golden delicious pancakes is making sure your frying pan is kept on low heat from beginning to end.
4: ADD OIL [Put oil into the heated fry pan]
Point: Pour a little oil into the pan. Using a paper towel, make sure that the pan is evenly coated. Use the paper towel to absorb excess oil.
5: CHECK THE PAN TEMPERAUTRE [Ideally, 375°F or 190°C is the temperature for cooking pancakes. But, if your stove does not have a thermostat, there is an easy way to check]
Point: Pour a few drops into the pan. If the batter sizzles and browns quickly, it is a sign that your stove is set too high. Lower the heat. You are looking for the batter to slowly produce bubbles as it rises.
6: POUR BATTER [Ladle or pour a little less than 1 cup (about 50cc) into the frying pan]
Point: Just pour the batter into the pan. Do not spread the batter.
Point: When the pancake becomes full of bubbles and a few begin to pop, it is time to flip.
8: FINISHING UP [Cook for another minute or so…]
Flip it only once. The pancake will rise a bit and the sides will dry. Take the pancake out of the pan and put it on a plate.

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