How Sweet It Is………

How sweet it is to be loved by you…..

Wow. Every time a customer asks us for recommendations, we always recommend our coconut syrup. It’s just perfect with all of our pancakes. It’s so smooth and creamy with just the right taste of coconut and sweetness.

Coconut Syrup blog

Of course when you experience something as good as our coconut syrup, you would want to share it with your friends and family; you would want to take the experience home with you. Luckily, our Coconut Syrup is available at our Retail Area. Come and get some from 7:00AM to 2:00PM and 4:00PM to 11:00PM.

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Anytime, Every time!

Anytime, Every time, WE got you covered…

WE got you covered


Choose from our extensive all day dining menu or exclusive dinner menu, whatever you choose, we got you covered.  From Pancakes, Meats, Eggs, Dessert and Specials we’re sure you’ll find the perfect choice to hit the “spot.”

See you soon!

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Dinner Goodness!!

Garlic Shrimp Plate

Another one of our finer dinner selections, the Garlic Shrimp Plate!  8 pcs of shrimp goodness smothered in garlic sauce.  Come by between 4pm-11pm to get your hands on this tasty dish!

Garlic Shrimp

After you’re done satisfying your taste buds,  check out or retail items and our Clear Vinyl Bags.  A great gift for any loved one!  These items are for a limited time only and they sell like pancakes, so you know it sells fast.  Choose from a shade of blue or green and come get yours today.

Vinyl Bags

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More than just breakfast!







More than just BreakfastWe have a vast array of dinner items to choose from between the hours of4pm-11pm daily.  Together with our all day dining menu, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect dish to meet your taste buds at any time of the day.


The Macadamia Nut Pesto Shrimp Pasta, is just one of the many dinner items to choose from.


mac nut pesto

It has linguine noodles that balance out with our macadamia nut pesto sauce. The macadamia nuts definitely add a little crunch and sets it apart from other pasta dishes. All of this goodness is then topped off with delicious shrimp, also smothered in our pesto sauce.

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“Joe” Eggs ‘n Things Mugs are here!

Our newest addition to our “eggsquisite” retail items: The Black and Gold “Joe” Mugs!

Add a classy touch to breakfast anytime, anywhere.  These “Joe” mugs are limited in quantity, so hurry in and get them while you can.  They’re handy enough to give as a gift to any cup a “joe” lover.  Lastly, you’ll be happy to know that they’re microwavable safe.

Black Mug


This mug goes hand in hand with our one of a kind Jersey bags.  We have a black Jersey bag with a gold heart to match this mug.  Together, they make a perfect match!  Come by and get this limited set for you or your loved ones.

Jersey blackmug

We hope to see you soon!

Our retail hours are from 0700-1400 1600-2300.






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A Fan Favorite….The Plantation Pork Chop!

The Plantation Pork chop!

 A definite must try!  If you’re into a meatier option and craving a tangy sweetness, this is the perfect choice. A nice portion of smoked pork chop, topped with a slice of fresh pineapple together with Eggs ‘n Things special sauce makes this dish a favorite.


Plantation Pork Chop Blog

We’re open daily from 0700-1400 and 1600-2300.


Come by and try it for yourself!!



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Make a Wish.. in August!

Make a Wish…in August!


On behalf of Eggs ‘n Things Guam and the Make a Wish Foundation, Thank You!  During the month of August 2017, you’ll be able to make a difference and contribute to a child’s Wish.  Make a Wish foundation “grants the wishes of children with life threatening conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”  Eggs ‘n Things is proud to be a part of something special.  Blue star and orange moon sprinkles will be available as an option for your pancakes in the amount of $1.00.  We humbly ask for your kind donation and to be a part of making a child’s WISH become a reality!!

Make a Wish

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Aloha from Guam!

Eggs ‘n Things Guam first opened in September of 2014. Modeled after the Express-style ordering system, it catered to tourists and locals alike; bringing the spirit of Aloha to Guam. There was a warm welcome and we haven’t stopped serving since.


Just like any other establishment, Eggs ‘n Things Guam transformed through it’s first two years of being open; from only being open in the mornings to serving dinner at 4PM to 11PM. Not only did the hours of operation change but we also offered a more diverse menu during the evening time.


And due to popular demand, we started our ala carte style of service in the evenings to give our customers a more special and personal experience.  This way, we can give suggestions on the menu and we also get to interact with our customers more and we get to know them better as people.  We feel that this creates a more memorable experience for the guest, and for our staff as well.

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