Ice Cream Waffle!!

Ice Cream Waffle 1

There are only two seasons on Guam: the hot season and the rainy season.  All throughout these two seasons, the average temperature on island is about 80~90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now what do we do when we stay on an island that is perpetually hot and humid?

We take the simple, tasty Wells waffle; add fresh fruit (strawberry, banana, pineapple); put vanilla ice cream on it (you can’t go wrong with vanilla); add our whipped cream and drizzled chocolate syrup to finish it off.  Voila, you got an Eggs ‘n Things Ice Cream Waffle.

The ice cream comes as a little surprise in the middle of the whipped cream.  We recommend this AWESOME dessert for anyone who loves ice cream.

Available from 4pm-11pm daily

Ice Cream Waffle 2

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