Top 3 Eggs ‘n Things Specials

One of the questions we get asked especially by first timers is what our popular entrees are.  Almost everyone will give you the same top 3 menu items; and since we want to make things easy peasy Eggs ‘n Thingsy for you, we’ve listed them down for all of you.

  • Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict is definitely for those who are fancy at heart and wants photo-worthy breakfast.  Everything goes better in twos, and so does our Eggs Benedict.  We start off with our unique English muffins topped off with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce along with your choice of rice, potatoes or pancakes.

Crab Cake

  • Crabcake Benedict

For those who are not into pork, the Crabcake Eggs Benedict is a good option.  We switched the Canadian bacon with a crabcake made from imitation crab meat. We must warn you that this dish is not for the faint of heart, because it will definitely knock your socks off from the first bite.

Crab Cake 2

  • Hawaiian Style Loco Moco

Our Hawaiian Style Loco Moco is both something you would want to share (because it is quite a big portion) and something you would want to keep to yourself (half of this delectable dish will not be enough).  Now, this isn’t your regular old loco moco; bed of rice topped with a beef patty, gravy and your choice of egg.   We added sautéed mushrooms, onions, and Portuguese sausage to the party.  You won’t regret getting this dish for breakfast.

Hawaiian Loco

Stay tuned for our post next week: Our 3 most popular omelets!

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