Happy Thanksgiving Ohana!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble Ohana!

It’s the time of the year to remember and give thanks to all of the good things we received and we’ve come up with more good things to be thankful for: our Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Crepe and Turkey Loco Moco.

Pumpkin Crepe

We really wanted to get into the spirit, and nothing says fall or autumn or Thanksgiving better than Pumpkin Pie. We have paired up this traditional holiday dessert with our crepes, Biscoff crumble, powdered sugar and our whipped cream. The smoothness of the Pumpkin Pie filling goes well with the crunch of the Biscoff crumble.


Another word that is synonymous to Thanksgiving is Turkey. Eggs ‘n Things is known for our flavorful loco mocos, and the Turkey Loco Moco is no exception.  We have a bowl of stuffing topped with a slice of turkey, sautéed mushrooms, onions and turkey bacon, with turkey gravy, and 2 eggs cooked your way. Enjoy this holiday dish with cranberry sauce on the side.

Turkey Loco Moco

This AWESOMENESS starts on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, to Saturday, November 25th.

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Happy Halloween….NO tricks, ALL TREATS!

Halloween Specials……

This season of Trick or Treating, you won’t find any tricks here at Eggs ‘n Things, only TREATS! We are so excited to try out our Halloween Special this year, the Oreo Cookie Cheesecake Pancakes and Crepes.

Halloween Pancakes

We took three buttermilk pancakes and added some crushed Oreos inside and on top of the pancakes.  Drizzled with our creamy cheesecake filling, whipped cream, and black and orange sprinkles, this is DEFINITELY something you have to try when you get the chance.


We did the same with our crepes, so be sure to try that out, too.  It’s only available from today, October 30th, to November 1st; definitely too short for such an AWESOME  treat.

Halloween Crepe

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Go With The FLO……Rentine!

Go with the Flo… rentine

When life gives you mushrooms and spinach, make Eggs Benedict Florentine. 

Eggs Florentine 1

The original Eggs Benedict is made with our unique English muffin; topped off with Canadian Bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  Our Eggs Benedict Florentine, on the other hand, is made with sautéed mushrooms and spinach instead of Canadian Bacon. With less calories than the original, this is also a vegetarian option (if you’re ok with fresh eggs) on our menu.

Eggs Florentine 2

 Come and TRY IT  for breakfast or dinner with your choice of potatoes, pancakes or rice!

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Everything gets better with…Coffee!

“Everything gets better with Coffee……especially Waialua Coffee”

We get a lot of compliments when guest dine in at Eggs ‘n Things.  What’s consistent is the appreciation of our exclusive Waialua Coffee.

Waialua is a small community in the north shore of Oahu.  The small town of about 3,000 people used to grow sugar canes, but now only grows coffee, bananas and other diversified produce.  Staying true to our mission of serving with the Aloha spirit, we only get the best and freshest coffee from Waialua.  Also what a lot of people don’t know, is that Waialua Coffee has been winning many of the coffee taste contests in Hawaii.  We knew this was a great coffee well before it won any awards!

Taste-wise, it has a smooth mellow blend with chocolatey undertones. It’s a well-balanced cup of coffee, and it finishes off nice and clean.

Wailua Coffee

You can dine in and enjoy a fresh brew or check out our retail section and take home our Waialua or Kona Coffee.

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Guam’s Own!

The Tinaktak Burger!

Tinaktak 1It has been 10 months since we started serving burgers here at Eggs ‘n Things.  Along with the Aloha spirit, we added a touch of Hafa Adai as well to our Guam Tinaktak Burger.

Tinaktak 2


Tinaktak is a local dish from Guam, which is basically ground beef and green beans in a savory coconut sauce. This burger will definitely make your dinner experience a unique one! It comes with fries, but you can upgrade to onion rings or sweet potato fries…. YOU Decide!


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Ice Cream Waffle!!

Ice Cream Waffle 1

There are only two seasons on Guam: the hot season and the rainy season.  All throughout these two seasons, the average temperature on island is about 80~90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now what do we do when we stay on an island that is perpetually hot and humid?

We take the simple, tasty Wells waffle; add fresh fruit (strawberry, banana, pineapple); put vanilla ice cream on it (you can’t go wrong with vanilla); add our whipped cream and drizzled chocolate syrup to finish it off.  Voila, you got an Eggs ‘n Things Ice Cream Waffle.

The ice cream comes as a little surprise in the middle of the whipped cream.  We recommend this AWESOME dessert for anyone who loves ice cream.

Available from 4pm-11pm daily

Ice Cream Waffle 2

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Until next year…..

Mahalo from us to you!

 Mahalo for all the donations that made  August another  successful campaign in making wishes come true….We are grateful to everyone that played a part in this campaign, without you, nothing’s possible!

 make a wish final

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Another Dinner Menu Item….

Another Dinner Menu Item…. The Cajun Ahi Burger!

Ahi Write up


Starting off with the bun, it is a Taro Bun especially made locally for Eggs ‘n Things.  The Ahi is seasoned with Cajun seasoning which makes it tasty.  Our Sriracha Mayo adds a kick to an otherwise regular fish burger and turns it into something good for you and your taste buds.  Top it off with greens and tomato and you got yourself a Cajun Ahi Burger.   Did we mention that you have the option of choosing the cooking temp for you AHI TOO!?

Ahi 2 write up



Try it out at Eggs ‘n Things in Tumon from 4:00PM to 11:00PM.

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How Sweet It Is………

How sweet it is to be loved by you…..

Wow. Every time a customer asks us for recommendations, we always recommend our coconut syrup. It’s just perfect with all of our pancakes. It’s so smooth and creamy with just the right taste of coconut and sweetness.

Coconut Syrup blog

Of course when you experience something as good as our coconut syrup, you would want to share it with your friends and family; you would want to take the experience home with you. Luckily, our Coconut Syrup is available at our Retail Area. Come and get some from 7:00AM to 2:00PM and 4:00PM to 11:00PM.

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Anytime, Every time!

Anytime, Every time, WE got you covered…

WE got you covered


Choose from our extensive all day dining menu or exclusive dinner menu, whatever you choose, we got you covered.  From Pancakes, Meats, Eggs, Dessert and Specials we’re sure you’ll find the perfect choice to hit the “spot.”

See you soon!

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