From all of us here at Eggs ‘n Things, we are all excited to announce our Holiday Pancakes for this year: The Caramel Pecan Pancakes.

A little trivia: these pecan pancakes are actually making a comeback. From 1974, we have had pecan pancakes on our menu. This year, they will grace us with their presence but for a limited time only.

We added chopped, candied pecans inside three fluffy pancakes, dusted with fine powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel syrup. Sprinkle some more chopped pecans on top and you got the Caramel Pecan Pancakes.

The pecans in the pancakes both give it a little crunch that balances out with the fluffiness of our pancakes. It is perfect for those of you have a sweet tooth, for dessert, or simply to treat yourself this holiday season.

These wonderful Holiday Pancakes will be available starting tomorrow, December 21st, to the 27th. Come and get some while you can.

On a different note, we will be closing early on Christmas Eve, December 24th, from 7AM to 8PM.